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A Few Awesome Ways to Help Change Your Community...For the Better

To us, we didn't start "This Is Local Love" to be just a brand and sell clothes and fuck around on social networks. We started TILL for the passion and the message behind it. That message was to create a coming together of community over something we can all relate...

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Rock'N'Roll Ain't Dead by Dee Snider

  The front man of Twisted Sister hits the mark in his comments to Gene Simmons' "Rock'N'Roll is dead" You go Dee. POINT / COUNTER POINT: "ROCK 'N' ROLL AIN'T DEAD" by Dee Snider Recently, my esteemed colleague, Gene Simmons of Kiss declared that "Rock 'n' Roll is finally dead"....

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WTF Wednesday

Just those things on the internet that make you say, "WTF".

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Tour Tuesday

For Tour Tuesday, here's some awesome pics detailing the life of traveling musicians. In the future, we'll hope to detail and get more stories from bands about their travels. Enjoy.

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This is TILLbrand

Welcome to the world of TILLbrand, where we ignore the haters, embrace the lovers, and support the fighters. 

We put out kickass clothing and accessories for the rockstar kids that never grew up. Take a look around, read about how this little company started and get the TILL Monthly Bulletin for a whole slew of inside info straight to your email.

Wear your message, support your scene. This is TILL. Join us.